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Jangdea Senegal – 2016 CFK Project

Kids spend a lot of time in classrooms, learning so they can discover what they love and move toward a bright future. But what if your classroom had two, three, or even five times as many kids? Overcrowded schools are a huge problem in places like Senegal, a little country in West Africa.

That’s where you come in. In 2016, the Coins for Kids project Jangdea is helping to build a brand-new school in Senegal! With this new facility, the kids in that community will have lots of room to learn and grow. Best of all, the Christian teachers at the new school are starting a church. With the new church, the whole community can learn all about God’s love and the amazing future He has for them.

How can you help kids and families in Senegal?

Schools built by missionaries can run on their own in a few years. But these schools are expensive to build. When you give to Coins for Kids, the new school gives kids a great education and a place to have church with their families. If we all work together, we can help them build a bright future!